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Another World / Reincarnation SS Paper

“Hey, Subaru, Subaru. We’re reaaally cutting it close! It seems like it’s time for us to start working.”

“What happened, Emilia-tan? Panicking like that? It isn’t good to panic like that, you know. Your pretty face will get ruined… Wait, it’s pretty.”

“Gosh, this isn’t the time to be talking like that. Look, this is our chance to introduce Re:Zero, so we need to do our darndest!”

“I don’t hear the word ‘darndest’ being used in this day and age… But alright! It’s a chance to have fun with Emilia-tan, so I’ll hop aboard! Time to introduce Re:Zero!”

“Umm, the proper name for Re:Zero is ‘Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World,’ and the main point of this introduction, the plot of this story, is… It’s a story where Subaru dies a lot in a world he isn’t familiar with.”

“That’s really vague, and is it just me, or does that make it sound like I’m just dying a lot without doing anything!?”

“It’s in the looping events genre, and Another World x Return by Death are the foundations of the plot; it’s the story of an ordinary boy that works reaaally hard to help the girl he likes. Hey, Subaru, who is this girl you like…”

“Aaah-aaah-aah! I can’t reveal that part since it has to do with a boy’s pure heart! Anyway, it’s a story about an ignorant, incompetent, powerless, reckless protagonist whose initial status is disappointing, and his only weapons are his ability to rewind time by dying and his unwillingness to give up! Isn’t this script terrible!?”

“The world gets rewound with his death. —The important bonds and memories that had been formed there get lost and only remain within Subaru, who starts over from square one all by himself. That’s reaaally a cruel and sad thing.”

“But even so, I’ll do it over and over again. Even if no one remembers how kind they were to me and how we laughed together, it’ll always be in my heart. I’ll always have the memory of having a good time with everyone and the hope that I’ll be able to spend time with them again tomorrow.”

“A looping events fantasy in another world, ‘Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World’. It’s a story of a very weak boy’s continuous perseverance; a story of fortitude and struggle.”

“—Even if you had forgotten me, I won’t forget you.”

“The 5th volume and the first collection of short stories have already been published! They are on sale with great reviews! Please support us at your local bookstore, too!”

“You’re super enthusiastic about your work all the way up until you complete it. You’re seriously an angel, Emilia-tan! E.M.T!”