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Lugunica Newspaper: Volume 1

Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero

A fantastic event occurs where the residents of Roswaal Manor enjoy an everlasting summer!?


Shibuya Marui Shopping Center Event Space 8F

Long-awaited fans! This event will bring summer color to your life!

Based on the popular anime Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World with a summer twist, Shibuya Marui will be opening a pop-up store featuring illustrations of the women of Roswaal Manor, Emilia, Rem, and Beatrice playing by the seaside in their charming swimsuits. The store can be located on the 8th floor from August 10th (Thurs) 2012. This time-limited event will run from August 10th (Thurs) to September 3rd (Sun). Re:Zero merchandise featuring new illustrations from the anime will be available for purchase. Fans will receive a free copy of the short story Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero by the author, Tappei Nagatsuki for purchases of ¥3000 and over during the event. In addition, limited edition collectible cards from Bushiroad’s trading card game “Weiß Schwarz” featuring original illustrations will also be given away! One card will be distributed per checkout on a first-come, first-served basis. Epos Card members will be able to take part in a raffle, making this an event that Re:Zero fans will not want to miss out on.


Weiß Schwarz Limited Edition Trading Card Giveaway

At the Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero event, as a special offer, customers can receive a special collectible card from Bushiroad’s trading card game “Weiß Schwarz” on a first-come, first-served basis. These invaluable collectible cards will depict summer illustrations of Emilia, Rem, Ram, and Beatrice.

Give Away! New Short Story by Tappei Nagatsuki, author of Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Customers will receive a booklet of Tappei Nagatsuki’s new short story, Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero in which the residents of Roswaal Manor visit the beach and enjoy many summer activities like beach volleyball. Apparently, the content of the short story will be quite different from the original. Although Roswaal doesn’t appear on the front cover, you might catch a glimpse of him in a rare swimsuit scene!

We have received some comments from everyone at Roswaal Manor!

[Emilia] Um, my thoughts on samma? You mean summer, right? Well, it’s been soooooooo hot these days, you know? I’m not great with hot weather, so it’s been tough. But I’ve had so much fun coming here and playing in the water with everyone. Subaru told me about this game, “Beech Balleyball” which was really great. I had a lot of fun playing it, when it was just me and Rem it was hard to settle the score, but the match with Puck and the others was great and Subaru said, “I didn’t stand a chaaaaance!” But I had a really great samma. Despite the hot weather, I hope that everyone can make precious samma memories.

[Beatrice] Why should Betty have to entertain all this idle chatter, I suppose? She’s not kidding, in fact. It was baffling to her getting dragged outside in this heat, I suppose. In fact, it wasn’t so bad floating in the water and, playing in the sand with Bubby. But beach volleyball was not for Betty, I suppose! Bubby got his head stuck in the sand because of that useless oaf! Betty hopes she doesn’t lose so that she can avenge Bubby’s defeat. Betty will definitely, definitely show you her stuff next year, in fact!

[Rem] Yes, Master Roswaal kindly allowed Rem to take a vacation together with all the people of the mansion. Rem hopes this was a good change of pace for Lady Emilia, who has been constantly worrying about the upcoming royal selection. Rem is feeling more and more excited about serving tomorrow. But, the most amazing thing about it all was how Subaru suggested this vacation to Master Roswaal and convinced him to do it. Subaru looked so adorable in his swimsuit that Rem could hardly take her eyes off him. It was a shame that we were on different teams for the beach volleyball game, but Rem just hit the ball left and right. Oh, Rem just remembered, on that day Subaru did this thing and… (on and on she goes)

[Ram] Every day has been so hot, Ram simply cannot stand it. The only thing that saved Ram is the fact that she was able to spend some quiet time by Master Roswaal’s side, plus Rem looked super cute in her swimsuit. Ram doesn’t know who’s reading this article, but please take of yourselves whoever and wherever you are at the very least. Don’t say anything too outlandish or you’ll end up like Barusu who got a fever the following day and Ram won’t be taking care of you.


Emilia’s Birthday Celebration is coming up!

Re: Zero Starting Emilia’s Birthday Life 2017 in Shibuya Marui

Dates: September 15th (Friday) – October 2nd (Monday), 2017

Location: Shibuya Marui Shopping Mall

Emilia-tan Birthday Set

Let’s Celebrate Together☆ Emilia-tan Birthday Set

B2 Hanging Scroll (Emilia)

B2Hanging Scroll (Emilia, Ram, Rem)

EMT Powerbank

The Faces of Emilia Can Badge Collection


Large Towel

A4Clear File (2 included)

EMT Denim Tote Bag


(???) iPhone Case